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Kennedy Robotics Team 3250 is an after school program dedicated to inspiring younger generations to become involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Team 3250 is composed of a group of high school students who work hard to design, build, and program an intricate robot to perform a specific set of tasks. The team gives high school students an opportunity to learn through hands on experience in a variety of areas such as design, fabrication, electrical, computer science, and media production. Every member on the team is dedicated to working hard as a close-knit group.

The Team

‚ÄčEveryone is involved directly with the robot and each member is crucial in their respective areas. Every member of Kennedy Robotics works on the robot for over 5 hours a day, even on weekends. The team is organized such that students will lead the project under the guidance of faculty and community partners. The students develop the design concept and the mentors use the concept to expose students to skills needed to complete the project. The team is taught skills on a regular basis based upon the design plan developed by the students themselves with minimal input from the mentors.

Kennedy Robotics team members are given the chance to experience what a professional career in technology and/or engineering may be like. Providing vital communication skills and work ethics, the team is committed to encouraging exposure, participation, and growth towards real-life rewards. Kennedy Robotics is a vigorous team participating in "The hardest fun you will ever have."; the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Kennedy Robotics

Team 3250