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Team 3250


Team Briefings

Team 3250 makes safety a top priority. We do our best to keep the shop above OSHA standards and a clean working environment. Every year, each team member researches a safety topic then writes, directs and edits a video on it. The topics are about hazards in the shop and how to prevent any accidents. Each member must also complete multiple online safety courses through S/P2 before they are allowed to use any machinery.

5s Safety 

Kennedy Robotics

​​As a team we do our best to express the importance of "5s Safety." By doing this, we ensure safe and productive work. 5s Safety is a system of organization that is completed in 5 separate phases. The phases are; sort, set, shine, standardize and sustain.

The first phase is sort. When sorting, remove any unneeded material/tools from your workplace. BY doing this, you can eradicate obstacles to work more efficiently.

The second phase is set. This phase involves creating designated places for tools and actually putting the tools where they belong. By preforming this phase, people can find the tools when they need them, and work can go by faster and smoother

The third phase is shine. This phase is the upkeep of the workplace, like inspecting machinery before and after use, cleaning the workspace and machinery as you work and being aware of any hazardous debris. The shine phase is to prevent deterioration in equipment and shop space.

The forth phase is standardize. Standardizing is the most important phase of 5s Safety. In this phase, the first three phases are made habitual, so that they may be most effective.

The fifth and final phase is sustain. In this phase, you put all established procedures into practice in the workplace, providing a safer environment and faster work flow.

 Every day during team meetings the team  is presented a safety briefing on a hazardous topic in the shop. Briefings include:

General Safety

Bandsaw Safety

Power Tool Safety


Hand Tool Safety

Electrical Safety

Chemical Safety

Battery Safety

Hand and Foot Protection

Burn Safety

Lifting Safety